CRISTA Campus Summer News

The King’s Schools new STEM Building is in the final stages
of completion before students come back on September 4th.
The Construction is complete, and now we are cleaning, making last minute
adjustments, and moving in!


Some other work taking place around the campus this summer:
we are performing preventive maintenance to the exterior of the Administration Building, which
includes all new paint.

In addition, the Mike Martin Gym parking lot is getting a
facelift; a complete paving overlay and re-striping.  The Cristwood Park
parking lot will also receive some repairs.


And news on keeping up our beautiful grounds: In our ongoing
effort to improve our campus and our environment, our grounds care team has
converted over to propane fuel instead of gasoline.   Grounds also converted to
full mulching of the grass, which will reduce the amount of debris we remove to
landfill, and reduce surface evaporation from the soil and improve water
penetration and air movement.