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CRISTA Campus Events

King’s High School’s football team has made it to the 1A State Quarter  Finals and will play Cascade Christian Cougars this Saturday, November 23rd  at 7 pm

in Woolsey Stadium.    We expect a significant number of visitors.  CRISTA’s Security will be staffed up to manage the parking and should be contacted should you have any concerns.

The girls are also playing in the soccer semi-finals.  Their game will be on Friday night, November 22.  Their game will be in Shoreline Stadium against Seattle Academy.  Game time is 4 pm.

CRISTA received a report of a break-in on N. 193rd St.  this weekend.  (see CrimeReports website for other reported incidents)

Neighbors should take extra precaution and be observant of any suspicious activity.  Contact Shoreline PD to make reports.

Thank you.