King’s CyberKnights (on campus) Parade

King’s Schools will hold a special assembly and school parade for the CyberKnights this Friday, April 27, at 2:15 p.m.  The parade will route around the main and elementary campus, giving the students an opportunity to join in the fan fair.

King’s High School’s FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) robotics team, CyberKnights 4911, won second place overall at the 2018 Championship  in Houston this past weekend against 3,700 teams internationally. The CyberKnights also became the first Pacific Northwest team (Washington, Oregon, Alaska) to qualify as an Einstein final alliance captain. Alliance captains form and run the alliance, determined strategy, etc.

For the Knights, the four day competition brimmed with exciting moments. After the first two days, the CyberKnights were 9-1 and ranked 1st out of 68 teams from 6 countries in the Carver Division. From there, they chose great alliance partners and went on to win the Carver division advancing for the first time ever to the international finals called Einstein. At Einstein, they were named alliance captains and won four of their first five matches placing them in the top two teams in the world.

CyberKnights Coach Mikel Thompson said, “For me it was the run of a lifetime, the stuff of dreams. We are in the top .6% of teams in FRC and we are only a 5th year team! The team was amazing on all fronts, not only running the robot on the field, but in strategy, scouting, negotiating… they played the best teams in the world and beat all but one! Our partners, 2910 Jack in the Bot from Jackson High School here in Mill Creek, 4499 The Highlanders from Colorado and 5006 Apophis from Arkansas were absolutely amazing. We could not have done it without them.”