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Upcoming Events in August/Sept

Summer is flying by and the start of school is just around the corner.

World Concern has their annual Mobile Food Fight For Hunger day on Sunday, August 30th.  Neighbors are invited to attend and you will find more information at this link:

King’s Schools start on Tuesday September 1st but the elementary has its kick off with their Treasure Hunt Adventure on Monday Morning August 31st.  Junior High and Senior High will have new student orientations later in the day.

The first Friday Night Football game will be at home on Sept 4th.

Friday Sept 11th will be King’s Schools One Knight Convocation Celebration.  This event features a carnival at Woolsey Stadium, a BBQ at the Elementary Campus and a home football game in Woolsey Stadium.

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Firland Sanatorium Recognized on the Washington Heritage Register of Historic Places


We’ve always known we work at a place with a deep and strongly rooted history, and now our workspace is being recognized for it.

The Governor’s Advisor Council on Historic Preservation and the Washington State Department of Archeology & Historic Preservation have listed Firland Sanatorium, currently the Martin Center and King’s Schools on the CRISTA Ministries campus, on the Washington Heritage Register of Historic Places. This honor recognizes building in the state of Washington that represent historical significance and maintain architectural integrity.

Kyle Roquet, Vice President of Facilities, was instrumental in helping Firland Sanatorium make it on the Register. “We are proud of the buildings and grateful to be stewards of their history, not only as Firland Sanatorium, but as King’s Garden and CRISTA Ministries as well!” said Roquet.

The Martin Center serves as headquarters for CRISTA Ministries, Christian Veterinary Mission, World Concern and King’s Schools Administration while King’s Schools buildings house students and teachers who educate students each day to serve God for his glory; to this end, we are grateful to have our Holy Ground recognized in such a significant way by the State of Washington.

Construction Project CRISTA

Summer Campus Projects

King’s Schools is out for the summer and our summer campus projects are underway, while the students are on their break.

We will be removing one of the science classrooms, annex #3, just off of N. 195th (west of the water towers) and installing surface parking in this area.  Science classroom, Annex #1 just two buildings to the west, will be renovated this summer to accommodate King’s Schools Admissions offices.  We plan to resurface a number of our parking lots that have aged and require sealing and re striping.  We will be installing a carport structure on CRISTA Lane, by the nurse center, that will  cover the existing Senior Living Bus parking spot.  We have plans to paint and perform brick restoration on the exterior of the high school building.  In addition, several CRISTA residential rental homes, around the campus, are also scheduled for paint.

King’s Schools will be running several camps for students on summer break.  These camps typically occur on the Woolsey Stadium Football Field or in the two campus gymnasiums.

We have had a beautiful start to the summer and look forward to good conditions to continue that will allow all these projects to be completed on schedule.

Thank you!